Registered office

Company name: Garantiqa Hitelgarancia Ltd.

Company’s abbreviated name: Garantiqa Creditguarantee Co. Ltd.

Company’s name in English: Garantiqa Creditgarantee Closed Co. Ltd, by shares

Company’s name in German: Garantiqa Kreditgarantie Geschlossene Aktiengesellschaft

Place of company registration: Company Court of the Metropolitan Court of Budapest

Company registration number: 01-10-042085

Registered office: 1082 Budapest, Kisfaludy street 32.

Our headquarters can be accessed by walking from the Corvin Quarter station of trams 4 and 6 and Metro line M3 to directly behind Corvin Cinema.

Visitors arriving by car can access the underground parking garage from Vajdahunyad street, and can park on level -4. Please call +36 1 444 0100 in advance to request parking.

Consignments delivered to Garantiqa Creditguarantee Co. Ltd. by courier or in person can be submitted at the reception of our headquarters between 8 am and 4:55 pm Monday through Thursday and between 8 am and 3:40 pm on Fridays.

Documents delivered in person will be officially received between 8 am and 3 pm Monday through Thursday and between 8 am and 1 pm on Fridays. Materials submitted outside these hours will be recorded in our system as received on the next day.

Central telephone number: + 36 1 444 0100

Fax number: + 36 1 444 0290

Website URL:


Mailing address: 1443 Budapest, P.O. box 200