e-Application (electronic application system)

Our credit institution partners can apply for a Garantiqa surety guarantee most easily using the e-Application electronic application system. If using the e-Application system, the credit institution should forward the application form and its annexes only electronically to Garantiqa. Using the system simplifies the submission of applications – compared to traditional hardcopy applications –, and also makes it faster thanks to the electronic communication, which substantially fosters the efficiency of lending within the SME sector.

The e-Application system allows a reduction in case administration time for credit institutions compared to using hardcopy applications, and the number of rectifications of shortcomings is also reduced, as the system immediately checks the electronically provided data and identifies the most common errors, and does not allow the submission of incorrectly completed applications.

Acceptance of applications through e-Application:

  • The bank completes the application form electronically and attaches the required documents in scanned format.
  • The bank keeps the original documents, and makes them available to Garantiqa if the guarantee is called or in any other specified case.
  • The bank attaches a high-security electronic signature to the electronic application form and its annexes, and sends them through the closed system, ensuring that the data and the annexes are submitted to Garantiqa signed and authenticated.

The e-Application system is available for applications submitted in the general procedure, as well as applications submitted under credit institution agreements. If using the e-Application system, the documents to be submitted electronically to Garantiqa are the same as those required for hardcopy applications, with the difference that the application form is completed on the online interface. Credit institutions entitled to test and use the Ügyfélkapu [e-government portal] e-Application system can obtain, using the following forms, declarations of consent from their customers, i.e. debtors, security providers and owners whose data will be disclosed, that the credit institution can access and handle Garantiqa Creditguarantee Co. Ltd.’s data pertaining to the customer.

The financial institution is required to keep the declaration completed and signed by the customer in order to verify subsequently that it was authorised to use the customer’s data.

The credit institution is responsible for obtaining the necessary declarations.

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