Block exemption aid

new Commission Regulation No 651/2014 of 14 May 2014 on general block exemption defines, for the period between 2014 and 2020, the areas of aid where member states are authorised to provide state aid — in compliance with the relevant framework rules — without the Commission’s prior approval.

The new block exemption regulation has extended the categories of aid, and has, in some cases, increased the extent of the aid too. Among the types of aid defined in the block exemption regulation, guarantees that are related to the investment loans of small and medium enterprises mainly aim to increase the competitiveness of enterprises, while the environmental investment aids aim to promote sustainable growth.

In accordance with the foregoing, we intend to provide the following types of aid with the Garantiqa guarantee:

  • regional investment aid
  • Investment aid to SMEs
  • aid provided to start-up companies
  • aid for research and development projects
  • Innovation aid to SMEs
  • investment aid enabling undertakings to go beyond EU standards or to increase the standard of environmental protection in the absence of EU standards
  • investment aid for an early adaptation to future EU standards
  • investment aid for energy efficiency measures