General information

Creditguarantee Co. Ltd.’s surety guarantees enable viable small and medium enterprises that do not have sufficient eligible collateral and are thus too risky in terms of lending, to get access to funding.

Garantiqa has direct partnerships with the banks; companies can apply for a guarantee through the banks as intermediaries.

Surety guarantees are granted either in an in-depth, individual assessment procedure or in a simplified assessment procedure.

Transactions with simplified assessment

In the case of loans/bank guarantees with a relatively small amount involved that are standardised and frequent and where the majority of the risks can be forecast, Garantiqa Creditguarantee Co. Ltd. can undertake a surety guarantee under a co-operation agreement that is elaborated together with the given credit institution. In this context the counterparties’ lending and risk management practices are analysed, and the acceptance criteria for the credit applications are defined jointly. Financial institutions are not allowed to diverge from these criteria, and they must in all cases comply with the conditions laid down in the agreement. This shortens Garantiqa’s decision-making period, with decisions passed in 3 working days, instead of the 7-working-day decision period for individually assessed transactions.

Individually assessed transactions

A surety guarantee for the non-standardised loan/guarantee facilities of credit institutions, and for leasing and factoring contracts can be applied for by submitting an individual application.

In this case, Garantiqa Creditguarantee Co. Ltd. grants the guarantee under the normal procedure, following an individual assessment. The decision-making period based on the relevant Business Regulations is 7 working days.