Széchenyi Card Programme

The Széchenyi Card was introduced in 2002 to help smaller enterprises. The Széchenyi Card scheme was expanded to a programme in 2010 with the introduction of the Working Capital Loan and the Investment Loan, the elements of which are completely built upon each another and can be used concurrently.

Two new products that are aimed at fostering participation in EU tenders were introduced in the framework of the Programme in the spring of 2012: the Széchenyi Own Contribution Supplementary Loan and the Széchenyi Subsidy Pre-Financing Loan, allowing enterprises to choose a type of facility that is adequate for their financing objectives.

The conditions of application are adapted to the characteristics and special needs of Hungarian small and medium enterprises, and Garantiqa Creditguarantee Co. Ltd. provides surety guarantees to help enterprises access the loans.

In an effort to alleviate the burdens of entrepreneurs, the Hungarian State provides an interest subsidy of 1% p.a. on the Széchenyi Card, 2% p.a. on the Széchenyi Working Capital Loan, 5% p.a. on the Széchenyi Investment Loan, Széchenyi Own Contribution Supplementary Loan and the Széchenyi Subsidy Pre-Financing Loan, plus a 0.75% guarantee fee subsidy.

All SMEs having operated as a sole trader or single-member company, or as a business organisation or cooperative society defined in KAVOSZ’s Business Regulations, for at least one year (or two years for certain loan types or if applying for a credit limit in excess of HUF 25 million) can apply for the loan products offered under the Széchenyi Card Programme. A further condition for application is that the applicant enterprise must have no overdue public debts or overdue loan debts, and must meet all other conditions defined in the Széchenyi Card Programme’s Business Regulations.

Products provided in the context of the Széchenyi Card Programme can be applied for at KAVOSZ Ltd., the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers and the local offices of the regional Chambers of Commerce and Industry. Further detailed information on the Széchenyi Card Programme and the list of financial institutions participating in the sale of loan products under the Programme can be found on the website at